Corporate Pro: Changing the Colors

Corporate Pro provides built in Customizer settings to change the colors of some of the elements within the theme. Please note that Simple Social Icons and SEO Slider color settings will override the theme color settings.

Changing the Theme Colors

To change the colors, navigate to Appearance → Customize → Colors.

Click Select Color to reveal the color picker and choose a new color for each available setting.

Corporate Pro also provides transparency controls which allow you to control the opacity of the custom colors. This control is located below the color picker. See screenshot below:

Be sure to click the Publish button at the top of the Customizer to save your changes.

Changing SEO Slider Colors

Slider color settings are controlled by the individual slider. This allows more control over the slider color settings. To change a slider's color settings, navigate to the Edit Slider page for the slider you wish to edit. Then, locate the color settings on the right sidebar.

Changing Simple Social Icons Colors

Simple Social Icons color settings are controlled by the individual widget. To change a Simple Social Icons widget color settings, navigate to Appearance → Widgets, find the Simple Social Icons widget you wish to edit and expand the settings. Simply change the colors to your liking and click Save.