Corporate Pro: Creating a Slider

To create a Slider, first make sure that the SEO Slider plugin has been installed and activated.

Once the SEO Slider plugin is installed and activated, a Sliders menu item will appear in the WordPress admin:

To add a new slider, click Sliders then Add New. This will take you to the Edit Slider page as seen in the screenshot below. The Slider Settings section provides general slider settings to control the slider:

To create a new slide, click the Add Slide button. This creates a new slide with it's own Image field and Content field. The recommended image size is 1280px x 720px. The Content field works the same way as the classic WordPress editor.

In the example above, the buttons are created with HTML code. To switch the Content field from the Visual editor to the HTML editor, click the Text tab:

Here is the HTML code used in the example above. This can be copied and pasted to your site:

<h2>Welcome to Corporate Pro Genesis child theme.</h2>

<p>Designed to give your website a professional look to gain the trust of your clients and customers.</p>

<p><a href="/templates/contact">Work with us</a> &nbsp; <a href="#front-page-2">Learn more</a></p>

Sliders can be displayed with either a widget inside a widget area or with a shortcode. The shortcode for your slider can be found at the bottom of the Slider Settings section of the Edit Slider screen.