Corporate Pro: Front Page Widgets

Front Page 1

The Front Page 1 widget area contains 1  Slider widget. The slider widget displays a list of available sliders. To create a new slider, navigate to Slider → Add New. After you have created a new slider it will be available from the dropdown list in the widget.

Front Page 2

The Front Page 2 widget area contains 1 Gallery widget. The recommended image size for the logos is 300px width x 100px height.

Below is a screenshot of the theme demo's Front Page 2 widget area's gallery settings:

Front Page 3

The Front Page 3 widget area contains 1 Text widget, 1 Video widget, 1 Custom HTML widget and 4 Icon widgets. The icon widgets are flexible and will adjust widths evenly to fill the screen. 

Front Page 4

The Front Page 4 widget area contains 1 Image widget and 1 Text widget.

Front Page 5

The Front Page 5 widget area contains 1 Custom HTML widget containing the following shortcode:

[display-posts post_type="portfolio" image_size="portfolio" order="ASC" posts_per_page="6"]

A full list of available parameters is available here -

Front Page 6

The Front Page 6 widget area contains 2 Custom HTML widgets with the following content:

<h4>Ready to start your project?</h4>
<p>Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.</p>
<a class="button white outline alignright" href="/contact">Get in touch</a>

Front Page 7

The Front Page 7 widget area contains 1 Custom HTML widget and 1 Testimonials widget.

Below is the HTML used in the Custom HTML widget for the pricing table:

Front Page 8

The Front Page 8 widget area contains 1 Genesis Featured Posts widget.

Front Page 9

The Front Page 9 widget area contains 1 Image widget and 1 Genesis eNews Extended plugin. The Image widget is used as the background image for the Front Page 9 widget area. The recommended image size is 1280px width x 720px height.

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