Corporate Pro: Align Wide and Align Full Image Classes

Corporate Pro includes some additional image alignment classes that can be used in the Blog post content. Please note that these classes are only compatible with the Full Width Content page layout. We will not provide support for using the classes on the Sidebar/Content or Content/Sidebar page layouts.

Applying alignwide and alignfull classes

If using the Gutenberg editor, insert an image block and click on the Align Wide or Align Full button:

If using the classic editor, insert an image into the post content, hover over it and click on the Edit button with the pencil icon. Then, from the Image Details popup, add either the alignwide or alignfull class to the Image CSS Class section:

When done, click Update and then click Publish to save your changes.

Align Wide image class

Below is an example of the alignwide image class. It makes the image slightly wider than the post content:

Align Full image class

Below is an example of the alignfull image class. It makes an image span the full width of the screen: