Store Pro: Recommended Plugins

Store Pro is optimized to work with the following plugins. Before you begin, you will need to install and activate them. Store Pro will display a notice in the admin area to make it easier to install these plugins.

  • Genesis eNews Extended
  • Genesis Testimonial Slider
  • Ninja Forms (optional)
  • Simple Social Icons
  • Widget Importer and Exporter
  • WordPress Importer
  • WooCommerce
  • WP Featherlight

Genesis eNews Extended

The Genesis eNews Extended plugin creates a new widget. Installation instructions can be found here

Genesis Testimonial Slider

The Genesis Testimonial Slider will create a new custom post type called Testimonials. Once installed and activated, a new menu item will appear in the WordPress admin area for ‘Testimonials’. When you add a new testimonial it will automatically be displayed where ever the Testimonials widget or shortcode is placed. It also adds a new menu item under the ‘Genesis’ menu item called ‘Testimonials’. To setup your site the same as the theme demo please ensure the following options are set to:

  • Effect: slide
  • Auto play: yes
  • Show controls: yes
  • Pause on hover: no
  • Loop: yes
  • Speed: 6000
  • Columns: two

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is used in the theme demo for the booking form and also the contact form. To add a form to the modal popup, create a new form and place it inside the ‘Booking Widget’ area. The booking modal can be toggled on or off by addingclass="booking-toggle"to any html element. For example, the theme demo has a button in the Front Page 1 widget area<button class="booking-toggle">Make a booking</button> The forms used in the demo can be imported via Forms > Import/Export and then uploading the ninja-forms .nff files included with the theme, found in the ‘xml’ folder.

WP Featherlight

WP Featherlight requires no configuration after it has been installed and activated. It automatically adds a lightbox to any image in the WordPress gallery shortcode.

Simple Social Icons

Simple Social Icons creates a new widget for displaying icons. To add Simple Social Icons to a widget area, navigate to Appearance > Widgets and drag the Simple Social Icons widget into the desired widget area. The theme demo has 2 locations, Header Right and Footer 1 widget areas.