Restaurant Pro: Recommended Plugins

Business Profile

Once the Business Profile plugin is installed and activated, a new menu item will appear in the WordPress admin area. Click on the ‘Business Profile’ menu item and it will take you to the Business Profile options page. Fill out the fields with your businesses information. Click ‘Save Changes’. To use your business profile, navigate to Appearance > Widgets and drag the Business Profile widget to the widget area of your choice. The theme demo uses the Footer 2 widget area. You can also display your business profile using a shortcode. Simply place[contact-card show_map=0]on any post or page. The full range of shortcode options are available here shortcode options

Food and Drink Menu

Once the Food and Drink Menu is installed and activated, a new menu item will appear in the WordPress admin area. Hover over the new menu item named ‘Menus’ and then click on the ‘Settings’ link. This will take you to the Settings page. Under the ‘Style’ option, select ‘Don’t load any CSS styles’ from the dropdown menu. This will help speed up your website by not loading additional CSS. Next, click on the ‘Menus’ menu item. This will take you to the Menus page where you can create a new menu. There are 3 steps to creating a menu:

  1. Menus
  2. Menu Sections
  3. Menu Items

The full user guide can be found here Food and Drink menu guide

Genesis Enews Extended

The Genesis eNews Extended plugin creates a new widget. Installation instructions can be found here

Genesis Testimonial Slider

The Genesis Testimonial Slider will create a new custom post type called Testimonials. Once installed and activated, a new menu item will appear in the WordPress admin area for ‘Testimonials’. When you add a new testimonial it will automatically be displayed where ever the Testimonials widget or shortcode is placed. It also adds a new menu item under the ‘Genesis’ menu item called ‘Testimonials’. To setup your site the same as the theme demo please ensure the following options are set to:

  • Effect: slide
  • Auto play: yes
  • Show controls: yes
  • Pause on hover: no
  • Loop: yes
  • Speed: 6000
  • Columns: three

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is used in the theme demo for the booking form and also the contact form. To add a form to the modal popup, create a new form and place it inside the ‘Booking Widget’ area. The booking modal can be toggled on or off by addingclass="booking-toggle"to any html element. For example, the theme demo has a button in the Front Page 1 widget area<button class="booking-toggle">Make a booking</button> The forms used in the demo can be imported via Forms > Import/Export and then uploading the ninja-forms .nff files included with the theme, found in the ‘xml’ folder.

Responsive Lightbox

Responsive Lightbox requires no configuration after it has been installed and activated. It automatically adds a lightbox to any image in the WordPress gallery shortcode.

Simple Social Icons

Simple Social Icons creates a new widget for displaying icons. To add Simple Social Icons to a widget area, navigate to Appearance > Widgets and drag the Simple Social Icons widget into the desired widget area. The theme demo has 2 locations, Header Right and Footer 1 widget areas.

WP Google Maps

Once installed and activated, a new menu item will appear in the WordPress admin area for ‘Maps’. Please follow the setup guide found here to create your map. The theme demo uses a map shortcode on the ‘Contact’ page. This shortcode automatically adjusts to full screen width.

WP Instagram Widget

The WP Instagram Widget is simple and easy to use. Install and activate the plugin and a new ‘Instagram’ widget will be available in Appearance > Widgets. Simply drag the widget to the desired widget area and fill out the options.