Genesis Starter: Development

Genesis Starter uses Gulp as a build tool and npm to manage front-end packages.

Install dependencies

From the command line on your host machine, navigate to the theme directory then run npm install:

themes/your-theme-name/$ npm install 

You now have all the necessary dependencies to run the build process.

Build commands

  • gulp styles— Compile, autoprefix and minify Sass files.
  • gulp scripts— Minify javascript files.
  • gulp images— Compress and optimize images.
  • gulp watch— Compile assets when file changes are made, start Browsersync
  • gulp— Default task – runs all of the above tasks.

Additional commands

  • gulp i18n— Scan the theme and createlanguages.potPOT file.
  • gulp zip— Package theme into zip file for distribution, ignoringnode_modules.
  • gulp bump– Bumps theme version inpackage.json,style.css,style.scssandfunctions.php.

Using Browsersync

To use Browsersync you need to update the proxy URL on line 299 ofgulpfile.jsto reflect your local development hostname. If your local development URL, update the file to read:

... proxy '' ...