Architect Pro: Recommended Plugins

Upon activating the theme, you will see a notice in the admin to install the recommended plugins.

Architect Pro Install Plugins

Architect Pro is optimized to work with the following plugins. Before you begin, you will need to install and activate them. Click on the Begin installing plugins link and follow the steps to install and activate all of the recommended plugins.

To begin activating these plugins, click on the BEGIN INSTALLING PLUGINS option. A new screen with each plugin listed will be displayed, check the box for each plugin to install and then select INSTALL from the dropdown box. The successful installation screen will be displayed. At the bottom, click on the RETURN TO PLUGINS option. Again select each of the plugins that you just installed and click ACTIVATE. Once all recommended plugins have been Installed and Activated you are ready to move on to the next step of importing the demo content.

Custom Header Extended

Studio Pro uses the Custom Header Extended plugin for displaying custom hero images on a per page basis. This allows you to have both a featured image and custom header. To change the custom header image for a given page, navigate to the Edit Page screen and locate the Custom Header settings box.

Custom header extended

Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

This plugin is only recommended if using WooCommerce. After installing and activating WooCommerce, a notice will be shown in the admin with instructions to install and activate this plugin. The plugin has only one setting that can be found by navigating to WooCommerce > Settings > Genesis Connect Addons. This setting allows you to choose the number of products to display on the Shop page.

Genesis eNews Extended

Adds a newsletter sign up form.

Genesis Portfolio Pro

The theme demo uses the Genesis Portfolio Pro plugin to create a project portfolio. To create a portfolio please ensure that this plugin is active. To create a new portfolio item, go to Portfolio Items > Add New. Enter the name, content, excerpt and featured image. All portfolio items are automatically displayed on the Portfolio page. If the images from the demo content are not appearing, you will need to upload them and then set them as featured images for each Portfolio Item.

Genesis Widget Column Classes

Architect Pro uses the Genesis Widget Column Classes plugin to control widget column widths. This plugin uses the same 12-column grid CSS classes that come with most Genesis themes. Here is a great tutorial on using column classes.

You also need to check the first checkbox if the widget is the first of the row.

Simple Social Icons

Displays SVG icons that link to social media profiles. Used in the demo sidebar.

Widget Importer & Exporter

Imports the theme demo widget content.

WordPress Importer

Imports the theme sample content.

Images are not currently imported. This is a limitation of the WordPress Importer plugin. Theme demo images are available upon request.

WP Featherlight

WP Featherlight requires no configuration after it has been installed and activated. It automatically adds a jQuery lightbox to any image in the WordPress gallery shortcode. (Images need to link to media file).