Business Pro: Widget Areas

The following widget area settings are provided as a reference. It is recommended to install the widget demo content that is included with the theme.

Header Right

The Header Right widget area contains one Simple Social Icons widget with the following settings:

Front Page 1 Widget Area

The Front Page 1 widget area contains one Custom HTML widget which contains the following HTML:

Front Page 2 Widget Area

The Front Page 2 widget area contains 3 Icon widgets that are displayed in 3 columns. Below are the default settings and column width settings for each:

Front Page 3 Widget Area

The theme demo has one Custom HTML widget and 3 x Genesis Featured Page widgets in this widget area. Each featured page has the same settings with a different page.

Front Page 4 Widget Area

The Front Page 4 widget area uses an Image widget to add a background image to the section. The Image widget must be the first widget in this section. It then has a Custom HTML widget that contains the video 'play' button as well as some text. It also has a Video widget that is hidden by default and displayed in a lightbox popup when the video play button is clicked. The video play button must contain the  show-video class, as seen in the code snippet below. It is recommended to use a YouTube URL with the 'Insert from URL' option instead of uploading your own video.

Front Page 5 Widget Area

The Front Page 5 widget area contains 2 Custom HTML widgets, one with a title and intro paragraph and one with a Display Posts Shortcode. Please note that the Portfolio Items in the shortcode will only be displayed if they have a featured image set.

Front Page 6

This widget area contains one Testimonials widget with no widget title and no column class.

Before Footer

The Before Footer widget area contains one Image widget and two Custom HTML widgets. The image widget is used as the background image for this widget area..

Footer 1

This widget area contains one Custom HTML widget and one Simple Social Icons widget. The Custom HTML widget is used to add a paragraph before the social icons.

Footer 2

The Footer 2 widget area uses the Contact Card widget that is created by the Business Profile plugin. You can control the output and change your business details from the admin by navigating to Business Profile one the left sidebar menu.

Footer 3

The Footer 3 widget area contains a simple Custom Menu widget. The theme demo uses the Header Menu for this widget but you can change it to anything you like by creating a new menu in the admin from Appearance > Menus.

Footer 4

The Footer 4 widget area contains the Genesis eNews Extended widget which displays a newsletter signup form. For instructions on how to configure your newsletter, please visit the plugins home page here -

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