Site Footer

The Site Footer refers to the entire Site Footer area. This consists of all footer widgets, the footer menu, footer credits and scroll to top link. The following widget areas are inside of the site footer:

  • Above Footer (Pro)
  • Footer Widgets
  • Below Footer (Pro)
  • Footer Credits

Below is a screenshot highlighting the entire Site Footer with all sections active:

For demonstration purposes we will only use the Footer Widgets and Footer Credits areas:

Background Settings

The Site Footer has flexible background settings. You can choose from a solid color, gradient color, background image, or background image with a color overlay. Below is a screen recording of some of the different options available:

Important: Color and typography settings are controlled by more specific Customizer sections. For example, footer widget link colors can be changed from Appearance > Customize > Genesis Customizer > Footer > Footer Widgets.

Container Width

The container width setting controls the maximum width of content inside of the site footer: