The Blog / Archive > Pagination section provides customization settings for the pagination links on archive pages. Below is a screenshot of what pagination typically looks like:

There are multiple settings provided to customize the appearance of the pagination area.


Change the colors of the pagination area to your liking. Below is an example of what can be changed with the color settings provided:


Adjusts the amount of spacing surrounding the pagination links. See screen recording above.

Link Spacing

This is different to the "Spacing" setting, this setting controls the spacing inside the link buttons. See screen recording above.


Change the alignment of the pagination links. By default, links are set to "Align Full" which stretches them across the pagination area. You can also choose from Left, Center or Right.

Previous Link Text

Change the "Previous" link text. Default value is: ← Previous

Next Link Text

Change the "Next" link text. Default value is: Next →