Read More

The Read More section provides settings for customizing the appearance of the Read More link on archive pages. Below is a screenshot of what the Read More link looks like:


Changes the display style of the read more link. There are 3 options:

  1. Inline - Keeps the link inline with the entry content.
  2. Block - Breaks the link onto a new line (recommended if "Button" style is selected).
  3. None - Hides the read more link completely.


There are 2 styles to choose from, link and button. Below is a screenshot of what the button style looks like:


Changes the text of the read more button. Some examples would be "Continue Reading" or "View Post".

Show Ellipses

Choose whether or not to show the ellipses before the read more link. The ellipses is the three dots following the cut off text and looks like this (...):