Secondary Sidebar

The Secondary Sidebar is the alternative sidebar for your site. It is usually narrower than the Primary Sidebar. By default, it is displayed beside the content area on pages with 2 sidebars, as seen in the screenshot below:

The sidebar is shown on the following page layouts:

  • Sidebar Content Sidebar
  • Sidebar Sidebar Content
  • Content Sidebar Sidebar

Only the 3 layouts in the screenshot below will show the secondary sidebar:

Adding Widgets

To add widgets to the sidebar, navigate to Appearance > Widgets and drag and drop widgets into the Secondary Sidebar widget area, as shown in the screen recording below:

Customizing the Sidebar

Once you have added some widgets to the Secondary Sidebar, you are ready to begin customizing the appearance. To customize the appearance of the Secondary Sidebar, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Genesis Customizer > Sidebars > Secondary Sidebar.


Various color settings to change the color of the sidebar and the sidebar widgets.


Font settings to change the fonts of the sidebar and widgets.


Change the width of the sidebar and the spacing between widgets.

Widget Shadow

Controls the box shadow for widgets in the Secondary Sidebar.