Genesis Customizer Pro modules

Blog Layouts

Adds multiple new settings for customizing the blog layout to the Customizer. See 

Custom Code

The Custom Code module makes it super easy to add custom CSS and JavaScript to your site. It adds 2 new sections to the Customizer - Custom CSS and Custom JS.

Extra Widgets

Adds the following additional widget areas to Genesis Customizer. Most of the widget areas create new Customizer sections for handling the styles:

Use of the widget areas is optional, and they will only be displayed if they contain widgets. 

Header Search

Adds search form toggle functionality to the site header.

Hero Section

Adds a hero section (also known as page header or banner area) to pages.

Mega Menu

Adds a widgetized mega menu and customizer settings.

Scroll to Top

Adds a scroll to top link in the site footer.

Sticky Header

Adds settings for creating a Sticky Header.

Transparent Header

Adds Customizer settings for creating a transparent header. 

Adobe Fonts (Typekit)

Adds support for Adobe Fonts (formerly Typekit).