Menu Toggle

The Menu Toggle button is located inside the site header on mobile devices. When this button is clicked the mobile menu visibility is toggled on or off. Below is a screenshot indicating the menu toggle button:

There are multiple options available for customizing the Menu Toggle button. Each setting is detailed below.


The Text option controls the text to show next to the menu toggle button. This option can be left blank to show no text. It is common to display the word "Menu" next to the menu toggle button as seen in the screenshot below:


Adjusts the colors of the menu toggle button. Some of the color settings are dependent on other settings, such as the Menu Toggle Bar color which only applies to a centered logo layout. Border colors will only be visible if the Border Width setting is larger than 0. Below is a quick screen recording demonstrating the color settings:

Button Spacing

Adjusts the amount of inner padding between the menu toggle icon and the outer side of the button.

Menu Toggle Bar Spacing

This setting only applies to "Logo Above" primary header layouts. The Menu Toggle Bar is colored blue in the screenshot below. It is a full width area shown below the Title Area on smaller screens. 

Border Settings

Control the border width of the Menu Toggle button and the Menu Toggle Bar area. These settings will need a value of 1 or higher for the Border Color settings to work. The Border Radius setting controls the amount of rounding the Menu Toggle button corners have. Below is a quick runthrough of the border settings:

Icon Settings

Display menu toggle icon

If unchecked, the menu toggle icon will be hidden. It is recommended to leave this setting checked unless you have entered text into the Menu Toggle Text setting.

Round icon corners

Whether or not the menu toggle icon lines should have rounded corners. This won't be much different if the lines are thin so the setting may not be noticeable.

Icon Size

Increase or decrease the overall size of the menu toggle icon.

Icon Line Size

Changes the width of the menu toggle icon horizontal lines.

Below is a quick runthrough of the icon settings mentioned above: