Footer Widgets Menu

The Footer Widgets menu is different to the Footer Menu. These settings apply to Navigation Menu widgets placed in any of the Footer Widget areas (Footer 1 - Footer 4). Below is a screenshot of what a Footer Widgets Menu looks like on the front end:

Adding a Footer Widgets Menu

To add a Navigation Menu widget to a Footer widget, navigate to Appearance > Widgets. Click on a Navigation Menu widget and drag it to the desired widget area. Select the menu to display, optionally enter a title for the widget and then click "Save". Below is a quick demonstration:

Customizer Settings

Most of the Footer Widgets Menu styling will be inherited from the Footer Widgets settings under Appearance > Customize > Genesis Customizer > Footer > Footer Widgets. There are some additional settings provided for the Footer Widgets Menu under Appearance > Customize > Genesis Customizer > Menus > Footer Widgets Menu. Below is a quick run through for each of the settings: