Blog Layouts (Pro)

The Blog Layouts module adds a new section to the Customizer under Blog / Archive > Blog Layout.

There are 4 new settings added in this section:

  1. Columns
  2. Enable masonry layout
  3. Remove featured image spacing
  4. Element order

Below we will explain what each of these settings do.


The columns setting is pretty self explanatory - it controls the number of columns in which posts are displayed on archive pages

Enable masonry layout

The Enable masonry layout checkbox allows you to switch masonry on or off. When masonry is enabled, posts will be aligned to the top with varying heights. If masonry is off, posts will have equal heights.

Remove featured image spacing

This setting will remove the horizontal spacing between the featured image and the outer edge of the post on blog and archive pages. This is especially useful when the Featured Image is the first element in the Element Order setting.

Element order

The Element Order setting provides an easy way to reorder the post sections on blog and archive pages. You can sort elements using drag and drop. Elements can also be quickly switched on or off by clicking the eye icon.