How to upgrade to Genesis Customizer Pro

Genesis Customizer Pro is an add-on plugin that enhances the capabilities of the free Genesis Customizer theme and adds more features to it. This article will help to understand how you can upgrade Genesis Customizer with the Pro add-on.

Refer to the Genesis Customizer Pro page here to see all the features it offers. It comes with addons that can be activated and deactivated as per your needs. Therefore, you can select the features that you wish to keep and avoid the rest from bloating your website.

Where can I purchase the Pro add-on?

The Pro add-on can be purchased from here. Select the licensing options that suit you best and complete the checkout process. You will gain instant access to the plugin which will be available in your account:

After purchasing the Pro add-on, install it to your WordPress site. You do not need to delete the free version of Genesis Customizer.