Primary Header

The Primary Header section is the main area in the Site Header. It is highlighted in the screenshot below:

Desktop Layout

By default, there are 3 desktop layouts to choose from. Another 2 are available with Genesis Customizer Pro. The primary header desktop layouts include the following:

  1. Logo left
  2. Logo above
  3. Logo right
  4. Logo center (Pro)
  5. Logo side (Pro)

Mobile Layout (requires Pro)

If Pro is active, you will be able to choose different layouts for the primary header on smaller screens.

Container Width

The Container Width setting controls the maximum width of wrap (container) elements in the Site Header. Changing this setting will adjust the width that content inside the site header can span:

Colors and Border

These color settings control the default colors for the Primary Header area. Please note that they will be overridden by other settings, such as Transparent Header or Sticky Header settings. The Border settings control the width of the top and bottom borders:

Drop Shadow

Adds a drop shadow to the primary header area. This can be seen in the Genesis Sample demo -