Newspaper Pro: Importing Demo Content

Before installing the demo content, it is strongly recommended to install recommended plugins and also delete any existing content on your site that is not required including Posts, Pages, Comments and Widgets. All of our child themes come with the sample content used in the demo.

Importing sample content

Once the theme and recommended plugins have been installed you are ready to upload the sample content. To upload the demo content navigate to Tools → Import → WordPress → Run Importer. Click Choose file and select the sample.xml file included with the theme. Follow the steps and the demo post content will be imported. 

Note: If WooCommerce is not activated you might see a 'Failed to import' notice for some items which is normal.

Clicking the Upload File and Import button will take you to the Assign Authors screen. Check the Download and import file attachments option to import images used in the demo.

Please Note: Checking the 'Download and import file attachments' could fail due to the large file size. If this happens simply navigate back to your admin dashboard from the browsers address bar.

Importing widget content

Tip: Remove all existing unwanted widgets before importing demo widget content.

Navigate to Tools → Widget Importer & Exporter. Click the Choose file button and then select the widgets.wie file that is included with your theme then click Import Widgets. Once this has been uploaded you should see a success message of the imported widgets. You should also ensure that any existing widgets are in the correct widget area.