Business Pro: Front Page Widgets

Front Page 1

Note: To change the background image of the Front Page 1 widget area, navigate to  Appearance → Customize → Header Media and upload an image or YouTube URL.

The Front Page 1 widget area contains one Custom HTML widget which contains the following HTML:

<p>Everything you need to create your own beautiful website.</p>
<a href="#custom_html-5" class="button accent">See Our Services</a><br>

Front Page 2

The Front Page 2 widget area contains 3 Icon widgets that are displayed in 3 columns. Below are the default settings and column width settings for each:

Front Page 3

The theme demo has one Custom HTML widget and 3 x Genesis Featured Page widgets in this widget area. Each featured page has the same settings with a different page.

Front Page 4

The Front Page 4 widget area uses an Image widget to add a background image to the section. The Image widget must be the first widget in this section. It then has a Custom HTML widget that contains the video 'play' button as well as some text. It also has a Video widget that is hidden by default and displayed in a lightbox popup when the video play button is clicked. The video play button must contain the   show-video class, as seen in the code snippet below. It is recommended to use a YouTube URL with the 'Insert from URL' option instead of uploading your own video.

<button class="show-video">►</button>
<p>We find effective solutions to business problems through strategy, tech, design thinking and good old-fashioned creativity.</p>
<a href="#" class="button accent">Get Business Pro</a><br>

Front Page 5

Since version 1.1.0, the Front Page 5 widget area contains one Genesis - Portfolio widget with the following settings:

In older versions of Business Pro, the Front Page 5 widget area contained 2 Custom HTML widgets, one with a title and intro paragraph and one with a Display Posts Shortcode. Please note that the Portfolio Items in the shortcode will only be displayed if they have a featured image set.

<p>We solve business problems with creative solutions. Like these:</p><br>
[display-posts post_type="portfolio" image_size="portfolio" posts_per_page="6" columns="3"]<br>

Front Page 6

This widget area contains one Testimonials widget with no widget title and no column class.